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DONATION for children of war | We are making a charity trip to the Carpathians

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Clothing, food, shelter… are essentials for those who have survived hell. But is this the only thing we can help with? As the saying goes, everyone has to do what they can, and we know how to guide people to the mountains. And we think that nature and good company are just what you need. Here, children will be able to feel safe, and spend time with peers and parents, without phones and constant news.

Many children from the occupied territories found themselves in western Ukraine, near the Carpathians. We organize free hikes for them, and we invite you to join our initiative. Buy a hike for a child, we will do the rest. We will search for families in organizations that provide help to children. Of course, you can donate to a child you know. In the mountains, the child you donated to will make a video for you, and we'll send that video to you by email. The reports will be published on our social networks and the website. 

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Поход в Карпаты с детьми

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How to donate

The cost of a full donation for 1 child is 90$ (2700 UAH, absolutely everything is included in the price). But we will, of course, be happy with any amount. To donate, use PayPall or write to us at [email protected], we will send you an account for the selected amount and the report after trekking.

Or just send Your donation by PayPal to our E-mail: [email protected]




Also You can donate directly to the bank card:


Card holder: Roman Bidychak

IBAN: UA893220010000026208319288161

Hiking route for children of war

It is difficult to plan ahead. It will be a three-day hike (2 nights) with tents, small crossings (6-8 km), evening bonfires and cooking in camping pots. A real mountain adventure!

We focus on the Kukul ridge, the Khomiak-Sinyak-Maly Gorgan or the Sivul area. Maybe it will be Hoverla from Kozmeschik. The route will depend on the group age category, the weather, and the laws in force at the start. Currently, some routes are closed to the public.

The hike will include the most interesting locations and activities for children: waterfalls, mountain meadows (where you can see how to cook cheese), rocks, and museums after the hike. Our club has been organizing hikes since 2011, we will come up with the best option :)

The donation includes everything: food, pick-up, equipment rental (if necessary). The group will be accompanied by 1-2 club instructors depending on its size. In our case, we consider the optimal ratio of 1 guide for 5-6 tourists.

Children will go with at least one parent or official trustee, as this is not discussed during the war. The costs for parents are divided between the club and those who made donations.

👉  We also invite to collaborate international charities. We have a tour operator's license, we work officially, and we are well known in the Carpathians and on the market for tourist services.

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