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One small journey to the eternity or my vision of Caucasus

поход, кавказ, сванетия, грузия

A real adventure began immediately after the plane’s landing, I mean, a mysterious trip through the mountainous Svaneti.

We have seen high mountains and rivers, we were followed by the rain, a lot of svanetian residents visited us, for example, horses, pigs, bulls and cows.

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We have visited even a mountain Koruldi (our highest point was 3300), and standing there you can see an incredible landscape. Everything is charmed and it is hard to believe that that is real.

We covered new long distances every day. We might beat our way through the brushwood of trees and go up along the mountainous paths filled with water.


One cold morning we crossed even a mountainous river. The water is so cold that you want to run away but cannot. You stay in the middle of the river and hear only the sound of water. But for all that somebody helps you to reach land.

By the way, Svaneti is called “the land of one thousand towers”. We passed by different settlings (Ushguli, Mestia, Iprali etc.) and we saw these towers everywhere. It is said that the villages were very poor and small, so the people could not defend themselves. That’s why they built towers to protect their families, farm and houses. Everything is pierced by the spirit of history and ancestry. You cannot believe that such architecture could remain stable to our days. That’s why people all over the world are coming here.

Svaneti – is a special place and if you want to see it, to communicate with the inhabitants, to breath in the fresh air, to try your strength and to meet new friends, you are welcome.

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